Slide Wall Bars Set 1

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Slide Wall Bars Set 1

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Slide Wall Bars Set 1
Slide Wall Bars Set 1
Slide Wall Bars Set 1
Slide Wall Bars Set 1
Slide Wall Bars Set 1
Slide Wall Bars Set 1
Slide Wall Bars Set 1
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  • Sturdy wooden construction
  • Lots of fun for riding whilst sitting or lying down, or on all fours
Slide wall bars set I

Now your sports hall will get moving! With the slide you will simply change your wall bars into a roller track. The roll ramp track is great fun for everyone. They can sit, lie or kneel as they go down the track. There are guide rails on the side of the track to ensure a safe slide.

The set consists of:
  • 1 platform (1285622)
  • 2 slides (1285648)
  • 1 pair of support trestles (1285651)
  • 1 end piece (1285677)

Platform for slides
The platform is made in such a way that it can also be hung from wall bars. A great introductory product for children. The platform is made from approx. 20-mm-thick plywood (LxW: 76x60 cm). With 2 clamping fasteners for hanging to wall bars.

Smooth transition to sports hall floor
The ramp is a sturdy wooden construction. The surface of the roller board slide is approx. 208 cm long and 60 cm wide. Using the hinge pins provided, the ramp is attached to the starting platform. There is a smooth transition to the sports hall floor using the metal end piece. Thanks to the side guiding frame, the ramp is ideally suited for use as a slide. The ramp can hold up to 90 kg.

Support trestle for slides
Joining two slides and doubling the rolling surface is easy using the support trestles. The support trestles are height adjustable and are made from a steel tubing construction, approx. 65x50 cm. With floor protectors.

Assembly advice: Join both tracks together and fix both trestles with a hinge pin. Both tracks can be individually adjusted by height depending on the height of the pedestal or the starting platform.

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