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Sport-Thieme® "Lüneburger Stegel" Set

product details
Sport-Thieme® "Lüneburger Stegel" Set

For sports halls and playgrounds. It has proven itself time and time again. Suitable for all exercises!

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The Sport-Thieme "Lüneburger Stegel" set not only helps children to enjoy moving but also provides them with a wide choice of possibilities for gymnastics and play.
  • A wide choice of possibilities for gymnastics and play
  • For use in the sports hall or on the playground
  • The ideal starting point for further gymnastics equipment
Sport-Thieme "Lüneburger Stegel" set: a real eye-catcher for sports halls and playgrounds
The Sport-Thieme "Lüneburger Stegel" set consists of 1 pair of wooden support stands, 1 set of balance beams (3 beams), 1 ladder, 1 gliding board, 1 pair of net posts with screw sliders and 1 high jump cord. The "Lüneburger Stegel" set provides children with a wide choice of possibilities for gymnastics and play. The strong modules in this multi-purpose set can be used either in the sports hall or on the playground.

Product information:
  • Balance beams WxH: 80x80 mm
  • Gliding board LxW: 175x51 cm
  • Balance beams: 400 cm long
  • Ladder: 410 cm long
The versatile exercise and training equipment
Whether for jumping over, climbing over, crawling through, balancing on or swinging from, the "Lüneburger Stegel" set will encourage children to get involved in a range of activities. By continually trying out and practising, new stimuli are constantly being created and agility, security and mobility are developed while also strengthening muscles and tendons. The Sport-Thieme "Lüneburger Stegel" offers the perfect starting point for further gymnastics on equipment. Mats not included.

For more enjoyment from moving – order the versatile Sport-Thieme "Lüneberger Stegel" set now.

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