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Sport-Thieme Ladder for the "Lüneburger Stegel" Set

Climb even higher

product details
Sport-Thieme Ladder for the "Lüneburger Stegel" Set
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* € 281.71
AVAILABILITY: Leaves warehouse on Wed. 08.07.
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Eigene Fertigung Sport-Thieme Empfohlen vom NTB
The Sport-Thieme Ladder for the "Lüneburger Stegel" set is a must-have element for any "Lüneburger Stegel" set. Encourages children to scale up and down as well as climb over the set.
  • Perfect for sports halls and playgrounds
  • Supporting brackets make it quick and easy to attach
  • 10 rungs with 2 supporting brackets attached to the sides
The Sport-Thieme ladder for the "Lüneburger Stegel" set – a safe way to climb
The Sport-Thieme ladder for the "Lüneburger Stegel" set makes it possible to scale up and down a "Lüneburger Stegel" set. The ladder’s high-quality softwood construction impresses with stability and durability. 2 supporting brackets are attached to the sides of the ladder, making it quick and easy to attach it to one of the balance beams. The first and last rungs are positioned 20 cm from the end of the ladder. The rungs are 40 cm apart. Stands, beams, sliding board and mats not included.

Product information:
  • Material: softwood
  • Dimensions (LxW): 410x40 cm
  • Weight: approx 18 kg
  • Rung diameter: 35 mm
The "Lüneburger Stegel" – versatile exercise and training equipment
The "Lüneburger Stegel" set provides children with a wide choice of possibilities for gymnastics and play. The strong modules in this multi-purpose set can be used either in the sports hall or on the playground. Whether for jumping over, climbing over, crawling through, balancing on or swinging from, the "Lüneburger Stegel" set will encourage children to get involved in a range of activities. By continually trying out and practising, new stimuli are constantly being created and agility, security and mobility are developed while also strengthening muscles and tendons. The Sport-Thieme "Lüneburger Stegel" offers the perfect starting point for further gymnastics on equipment.

Buy the right accessory for your "Lüneburger Stegel" set today and let the climbing begin – the Sport-Thieme ladder for the "Lüneburger Stegel" set.

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Sport-Thieme Ladder for the "Lüneburger Stegel" Set

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Bought on: 26 January 2020

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