Balance Beams

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Balance Beams
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Eigene Fertigung Sport-Thieme
Balance beams for "Lüneburger Stegel"

Because of their structure, these balance beams for the "Lüneburger Stegel" offer many different ways of balancing. Start with balancing exercises on the lowest beam and gradually build up to the high one. You will see how children are captivated by it.

  • 3 balance beams
  • Wooden, approx. 82x82 mm
  • With 2 hanging brackets

Dimensions and weight
  • Approximately 400 cm long
  • Approximately 15 kg per beam

If someone has mastered the beam on a "Lüneburger Stegel" they then will be able to do exercises on a competition beam without any problems. Bucks, ladders, glide board and mats not included.

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