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Sport-Thieme Vertical and/or Horizontal Climbing Net

The net for climbing and crawling fun

product details
Sport-Thieme Vertical and/or Horizontal Climbing Net 2.5x3 m
Version Price ( Each ) Delivery date Quantity ( Each )
Sport-Thieme Vertical and/or Horizontal Climbing Net 2.5x3 m 2.5x3 m W0-621272680 * € 889.92
Leaves warehouse on Sun. 19.03.

The climbing net can be set up horizontally or at an angle, providing children with the perfect opportunity to develop their strength and dexterity by conquering the large net.
  • Climbing net with a mesh size of 25 cm
  • With four hanging ropes, adjustable lengthwise up to 2 metres.
  • Stretch the net across your activity space, either level or at an incline
  • Only for indoor use

Product description

The net spans the play room either horizontally or as a steep slope. Can also be used as a climbing wall when hung from 2 points on the ceiling. Develops vestibular and proprioceptive awareness while at the same time strengthening muscle tone and developing ability to plan movement. Made from a particularly soft spun fibre rope ø 20 mm, mesh width 25 cm, 2.5x3 m. With 4 hanging ropes, adjusts lengthways up to 2 m.
Inspires kids to keep active whilst improving their motor skills
The climbing net is ideal for nurseries, pre-schools and sports clubs. Children can scale the net – the soft ropes are pleasant to hold for children’s delicate hands. When spanned horizontally, the net even provides a place for kids to chill out. In sports, children can improve their motor skills – the net is great fun, meaning young climbers will just love keeping active. In activity and sensory integration areas, children with motor impairments can improve their skills and grow in self-confidence.

Order the climbing net / floating net online from Sport-Thieme for varied children’s activities or for use in therapy.

Technical Details

Age recommendation
from approx. 6 years
Spiral fibre
2.5 m
3 m
approx. 19.5 kg
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