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Sport-Thieme® Mobile Swing

The swing see-saw for 2

product details
Sport-Thieme® Mobile Swing

The height of the seat changes on the opposite side when the partner pushes off.

-Complete with rotating hook with ball bearings

Sport-Thieme® Mobile Swing
Sport-Thieme® Mobile Swing
Sport-Thieme® Mobile Swing
Price (Each) Delivery time Quantity (Each)
* € 599.00
AVAILABILITY: Leaves warehouse in 7-10 days
TÜV Austria getestet
On the versatile Sport-Thieme mobile swing users can practise basic movements such as accelerating, slowing down, swinging and rotating.
  • Ideal for speeding up and slowing down, swinging and rotating
  • Dynamic teamwork in pairs develops communication skills
  • With comfortable seats that change in height when either partner moves
  • Develops coordination and perception
  • Comes with ball bearing swivel hook and two attaching safety ropes
The Sport-Thieme swing see-saw develops coordination and sensory perception
A therapy swing that can accommodate 2 users at the same time. Both users should be of a similar weight. There are always new surprising movements as there are two people swinging. The height of the comfortable seat changes on the opposite side when one partner takes off. Movement id fluid if the partners manage to communicate well. This swing develops coordination and sensory perception. Awakens the joy of movement. Can be hung from one pair of existing gymnastics rings in halls. Hanging height approx. 3 m.

Product information:
  • Protected design
  • Can be hung from one pair of existing gymnastics rings in halls
  • Hanging height approx. 3 m
  • Max. load: 160 kg.
In school sport or programmes that encourage exercising – awaken a joy for movement in children with the Sport-Thieme mobile swing.

certificate number approved by valid for
1578-PS17-312.2-Z TÜV Austria 2049902

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