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Pilates: everything you need for wellness training

At Sport-Thieme, you will find all the important equipment for Pilates such as balls, rollers, bands, rings or balance pads. Pilates is a gentle body workout that focuses on strengthening of the deep core muscles. Pilates exercises should be flowing, performed slowly and supported by breathing. Conscious breathing contributes to relieving tension and creating positive body awareness. Books and DVDs provide exercise instructions for Pilates classes and also Pilates at home.

Pilates: everything you need for wellness training
Over the past few years, Pilates has moved on from a wellness trend and is now an essential part of all gym class timetables. The holistic body training improves posture, helps ease back pain and is ideal for increasing muscle mass during rehabilitation. Pilates focuses on the deep core muscles and pelvic floor exercises. All exercises are performed by activating the so-called powerhouse. Powerhouse refers to a stable core, which is a result of sucking in the deep abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles from the pubic bone to the breastbone.

Pilates aids
Pilates breathing involves breathing in through the nose into the chest and exhaling out of the mouth to activate the powerhouse. A Pilates ball can be used as a training aid in lots of exercises. Pilates rollers and rings offer versatile training possibilities and activate deeper-lying muscles. A Pilates band helps with stretching exercises.