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Artzt Vitality Neuro Training Set

product details
Artzt Vitality Neuro Training Set
Artzt Vitality Neuro Training Set
Artzt Vitality Neuro Training Set
Artzt Vitality Neuro Training Set
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Product description

Artzt Vitality neuro training set: better perception for better movement sequences
The Artzt Vitality neuro training set is used in neuro-centred training and neuro-centred therapy. The training set consists of different eye charts, a Marsden ball, a Brock string, pinhole glasses and 2 saccade pencils. The devices primarily train visual perception in order to achieve the best possible information processing. Nearly all of our movements are controlled by the visual system. The eyes provide our brain with all the important information about our environment, allowing for targeted movement. Even small losses of information or disturbances can lead to less than optimal movement.

Artzt Vitality Marsden ball: follow the letters
The Marsden ball included in the neuro training set from Artzt Vitality is used in visual therapy. The ball is used to train eye movements and thus the continuous focusing of moving objects. It is a ball with an artificial leather surface and printed letters, which is attached to a string. The training device is used to train a better understanding of one’s own eye movements. The aim is to coordinate and effortlessly control eye movements. Precise and predictable eye movements guide the targeted movement of the body.

Product information:
  • Ball with large letters
  • Upper material: imitation leather
  • ø 7 cm
  • Length of cord: 160 cm
  • Weight 152 g

Artzt Vitality Brock string for the eyes
The Artzt Vitality Brock string trains synchronous, binocular vision. One end of the string is held against the nose, whilst the other is fixed at a defined point. The coloured wooden balls are aligned on the string at different distances. The user fixes their gaze on one ball at a time – the different distances allow different scenarios to be trained.

Product information:
  • Cord length: 3 m, material: Öko-Tex-certified cotton
  • 5 wooden balls, each ø 20 mm, colours: red, yellow, green, blue and natural
  • FSC-certified wooden balls made of beech wood
  • Saliva- and perspiration-resistant paint free from heavy metals (compliant with EN71 DIN53160)

Artzt Vitality pinhole glasses help you train your eyesight
The Artzt Vitality pinhole glasses from the neuro training set allow you to train your eye muscles. They also relax the eyes by reducing the amount of light, which act as a stress factor, entering the eyes. This allows incident light to be focused more specifically (selectively). Instead of conventional lenses, these glasses use a dark plastic grid. Through the small holes, the glasses provide a ‘clearer view’ and relax light-stressed eyes.

Product information:
  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions (W×D×H): 14.5×14.5×5 cm
  • Incl. storage bag

Artzt Vitality saccade pencils
The saccade pencils are used to train the ability to specifically control fixation points (duration, amplitude, accuracy) and the convergence and divergence of the eyes (squinting and dreaming). In addition, the pencils can also be used to train eye tracking movements and head control (balance).

Product information:
  • Material: raw material from local, sustainable forestry (PEFC-certified)
  • Dimensions: 24×1.2×0.8 cm
  • Weight: 14 g

Eye patch and eye charts
The eye charts train the eye muscles and are used for various visual exercises, such as isometric exercises, for training the ability to focus at different visual distances, for peripheral vision perception and for the accurate fixation and control of objects. Depending on the exercises, the eye patch is used to train one specific eye. The eye charts come in A5 format.

The set includes:
  • 1 Artzt Vitality Marsden ball – imitation leather upper, 160-cm-long cord, 152 g
  • 1 Artzt Vitality Brock string – 5 wooden balls made of FSC-certified beech
  • 1 Artzt Vitality pinhole glasses – made of plastic, W×D×H: 14.5×14.5×5 cm, incl. storage bag
  • 2 Artzt Vitality saccade pencils – raw material from local, sustainable forestry (PEFC-certified), L×W×H: 24×1.2×0.8 cm
  • 1 Artzt Vitality eye patch – made of plastic with polyester pad
  • A selection of Artzt Vitality eye charts – DIN A5

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Artzt Vitality Neuro Training Set

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