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Fasciae − training for the connective tissue

Fasciae are the soft structures in connective tissue. Fasciae encase and connect the entire body. Targeted fasciae training helps to prevent injuries, relieves muscle tension, keeps the body in shape and, at the same time, contributes to improved performance. You can find the relevant sports equipment at Sport-Thieme.

Fasciae are important for your health
Fasciae cover every bone, muscle and even our nerves. The soft structures of our connective tissue are therefore also very important for our health and physical capability. Taut and flexible fasciae ensure mobility, for example. Shortening and stiffening of the fasciae however result in restricted movement, and sticky adhesions on the fasciae lead to painful muscle tension. The covering layer of connective tissue also plays an important role in generating power: it stores energy and releases it again.

How fasciae training works
Fasciae training serves to keep connective tissue taut and flexible. Rollers and plastic balls, for example, can be used to do this. Pressure is applied to the connective tissue when carrying out exercises on a fasciae roller. Agglutination and muscle tension are loosened by this self-massage. Fasciae therapy is also used to prevent injuries as intact connective tissue stabilises the musculoskeletal system. It also helps to speed up the healing process during rehabilitation. Get the fasciae starter set from Sport-Thieme now!