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Functional training

Functional training: train strength, speed and coordination

Functional training follows a holistic training concept: you train more than just single muscle groups, you exercise the whole body instead. During your functional training workouts, you train your natural motion sequences, resulting in more power and fitness and you improve your body coordination and speed, as well as strengthen your ligaments and joints.

Effective workouts with small-sized equipment
Training in the functional zone is highly effective. Even when the exercises are very complex, you do not require elaborate strength equipment. Instead, you can simply work out with simple training equipment. A wide range of exercises in functional training requires nothing more than weight balls, fitness bars and elastic fitness tubes. Starter sets are a great-value introduction to functional training for gyms, sport teams or personal trainers. For more variety, these can be combined to form a training circuit. Starter kits are available for different room sizes.

Functional training has a variety of uses
Functional training can be used to support many sports: improve your team’s fitness; strengthen your athletes’ muscles and joints, improve their speed and body coordination. Functional training is ideally suited to rehabilitation sports and physiotherapy as it supports movement in rehabilitation. Order all you need for functional training from Sport-Thieme online.