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Training with small equipment

Fitness training with small equipment

Do you want to train efficiently, but don’t like using larger strength or cardio machines? Or are you looking for smaller fitness equipment for your home workout that allow you to train strength and mobility in a flexible way? Then you’re in the right place. We know that an efficient workout can also be achieved using small equipment! Order the ideal piece of equipment for your fitness training today and start your personal fitness programme tomorrow.

Small equipment: as versatile as your sport demands!
The advantages of small equipment for fitness training are flexibility and space-saving storage. In spite of this, they don’t sacrifice any of their functionality: there are lots of training exercises that use small fitness equipment and can deliver quick results. Lots of professional athletes swear by fitness training with smaller equipment as they can target specific muscle groups. Exercises for stretching and strength training are particularly popular.

Training with small equipment: so much for being boring!
Whoever thinks that fitness training with small equipment only refers to dumbbells has got it all wrong. The sports industry has meanwhile adopted the ‘flexible training: whenever, wherever’ mega trend and developed high-quality products from innovative materials. 
Discover small equipment for balance training: resistance bands, expanders and of course the classic – our Pezzi balls! Have fun getting fit!

Fitness training: as flexible as you are!
Lots of customers ask us how they can train effectively on the go so that they’re not neglecting their sport e.g. on business trips or on holiday. No one likes missing out on their favourite exercises, even if you occasionally can’t train at the gym. We often recommend fitness training using small equipment. These useful, little helpers fit in any suitcase! People who want to keep active, but want to stay at home, are also grateful for these training options. In this context, bodyweight training is particularly efficient, something that is often ideally achieved using small equipment. Start your own mobile gym with Sport-Thieme!