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Fitness sets

Fitness sets: discover our wide range now

Get your fitness sets from us for a variety of sports. Whether kettlebells, dumbbells, heart rate monitors, resistance bands, oscillating bars or skipping ropes – these are just some of the many handy sets for clubs, schools or fitness and therapy classes. Browse online now and discover our wide range.

Fitness sets: for more motivation in group training
Fitness sets are particularly popular for group classes. As they say, training in a group is twice the fun. And it’s true. With group fitness, you are guaranteed to be better motivated and to achieve more success. With this varied compilation of sets, there is something to suit everyone – e.g. elastic textile bands for group warm-ups or the dumbbell set for intensive team weight training. We also have handy sets for individual training. Get your hands on them now for fun fitness exercises.

Handy fitness sets for group workouts
The handy fitness sets are particularly good value for money compared to buying products individually. This means they are also ideal for facilities where lots of groups train. You can choose which fitness equipment appeals to you and, most importantly, which brand you want: Adidas, Beco, BLACKROLL, Comfy, Flexi-Bar or Sport-Thieme? You choose and see the excellent quality for yourself.