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Airex "Titania" Exercise Mat

The comfortable therapy mat for use in water!

product details
Airex "Titania" Exercise Mat
Airex "Titania" Exercise Mat
Airex "Titania" Exercise Mat
Airex "Titania" Exercise Mat
Airex "Titania" Exercise Mat
Airex "Titania" Exercise Mat
Airex "Titania" Exercise Mat
Airex "Titania" Exercise Mat
Airex "Titania" Exercise Mat
Airex "Titania" Exercise Mat
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The Airex "Atlas" gym mat is a high-quality branded product with excellent qualities. Ideal for use in rehabilitation and physiotherapy.
Airex Funktion und Komfort Sanitized Matte: hygienischer Spezialschaum Nach MDR

Product description

The Airex "Atlas" gym mat: the comfortable mat for exercising in water or on dry land
The "Atlas" gym mat consists of strong, closed-cell and latex-free foam material. This is particularly skin-friendly and keeps the body warm. Reliable Airex hygiene protection provides long-lasting, safe protection against bacterial and fungal infestations using folpet (an active, biocidal substance). The gym mat is ideal for use in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Its large size and high level of buoyancy associated with this makes the gym mat great for use in water. Its excellent shock-absorption properties prevents the mat being pushed down onto the floor by concentrated loads. If the yoga mat gets dirty, it can quickly and easily be cleaned with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. The Airex "Atlas" gym mat is available in a choice of 2 colours: red and green.

Product information:
  • Closed-cell special foam material
  • Treated with folpet (an active, biocidal substance)
  • LxWxH: 200x125x1.5 cm
  • 5.5 kg
  • Green and red
  • Latex-free
The versatile exercise mat
The 1.25-m-long "Atlas" exercise mat is the longest and widest exercise mat in the the Airex range. Compared to other Airex mats, it does not have rounded corners and does not have a closed seam around the edges. Advantages for group exercises: place a number of "Atlas" gym mats next to each other to form a larger area, creating a warm, comfortable and wipe-clean surface for children to play on or for those with disabilities to use.

Please note:
All Airex products are freely foamed, meaning they are not manufactured in moulds. The final composition can vary slightly, meaning products may be slightly different in length, width and thickness. The thickness of an exercise mat relates to the mat's core. Due to manufacturing methods, the mat may be smaller at the edges than in the middle.

Don't miss out and have fun with therapeutic exercises in water – using the Airex "Atlas" exercise mat


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Certified medical device according to MDR - 3182606
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