Airex® "Hercules" Exercise Mat

The comfortable mat for rehabilitation and physiotherapy

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Airex® "Hercules" Exercise Mat Blue

-Excellent absorption

Airex® "Hercules" Exercise Mat Green
Airex® "Hercules" Exercise Mat Blue
Airex® "Hercules" Exercise Mat Blue
Airex® "Hercules" Exercise Mat Green
Airex® "Hercules" Exercise Mat Blue Blue
Airex® "Hercules" Exercise Mat Green Green
Airex® "Hercules" Exercise Mat Blue
Airex® "Hercules" Exercise Mat Blue
Airex® "Hercules" Exercise Mat Green
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Airex® Green W0-621269811 * € 209.95
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Airex Funktion und Komfort Matte: hygienischer Spezialschaum AIREX Hygieneschutz AGR Airexmatten

The Airex "Hercules" exercise mat is a skin-friendly gym mat for rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Thanks to its extreme thickness and the buoyancy generated from this, the mat is great for using in water.

  • Also ideally suited for exercises in water
  • Hygiene protection: reliable protection against bacterial and fungal infestations
  • Perfect shock-absorption qualities
  • Easy to clean with water and detergent
  • Skin-friendly, strong and keeps the body warm
The Airex "Hercules" exercise mat: the thickest mats in the Airex range
The 2.5-cm-thick Airex "Hercules" exercise mat is the thickest mat in the Airex range. Thanks to its thickness (2.5 cm) and high level of buoyancy, the gym mat is ideal for use in water. It can also be used for therapeutic exercises including back-strengthening exercises and much more. The soft, closed-cell foam provides a very firm base for both the user as well as the therapist. The Airex folpet hygiene protection also ensures long-lasting and reliable protection against bacterial and fungal infestations. If the yoga mat gets dirty, simply clean it with lukewarm water and mild detergent.

The "Hercules" exercise mat is perfect of rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Product information:
  • Made from closed-cell special foam
  • Treated with folpet (an active, biocidal substance)
  • LxWxH: 200x100x2.5 cm
  • 6.6 kg
  • Blue and green
  • With right-angled corners
  • Latex-free

For a variety of therapeutic exercises
The "Hercules" exercise mat mat is a mat that has grooves on both sides. As with the "Atlas" exercise mat, the "Hercules" mat does not have rounded corners or a seam running around the edges. This means that you can easily lay mats out next to each other to create a larger area. There are no limits on the larger number of therapeutic group exercises that can be undertaken.

Don't miss out and order the skin-friendly and strong fitness mat for use in therapy and rehabilitation – the Airex "Hercules" exercise mat

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Airex® "Hercules" Exercise Mat

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Richtig Fette Matte Die Gymnastikmatte "Hercules" verdient den Namen wirklich. Man braucht für die Matte ausreichend Platz. und das meine ich nicht nur in der Bewegungsfreiheit, sondern auch für das Zusammenrollen und die Lagerung zwischendurch. Das Gefühl der Matte ist wirklich satt pur. Für das Geld kann man das auch erwarten. Nur das Handling ist schwer und umständlich. Die Matte hat ihr Gewicht - keine Frage. Ich habe leider kein Zimmer, das ich gerne nur für solche Zwecke nutzen kann, also muss ich die Matte auch mal zusammenrollen und das sind wirklich Ausmaße. Stehend lagere ich die Matte und nutze dabei die Öffnung um meinen Pezziball sicher abzulegen - Prima.

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