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Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves for training and competition

A large range of boxing gloves for training and competitions can be found at Sport-Thieme. Whether with thick or thin padding, closed- or open-fingered, leather or synthetic: there is the right style to suit your needs, ensuring that you are all kitted out for fitness training and competition sport.

Boxing gloves : safety first!
Boxing is not only a martial art, but also a highly effective fitness workout. Boxing training burns considerably more calories than an aerobics class. Not only does it require muscle strength, stamina and speed but also concentration and responsiveness. Boxing helps combat stress and helps you become more self-confident. Having the right boxing gloves is essential. Boxing gloves not only protect the boxer’s hands but they also protect the opponent from a ‘knock out’ hit.

Padding and materials in boxing gloves
Boxing glove weights are in ounces. The higher the number, the heavier and thicker the padding. Thick padding reduces the risk of injury; therefore thicker boxing gloves are often used during boxing training. In women’s boxing and in amateur competitions, generally 10-oz. boxing gloves are used. Open-fingered boxing gloves are mostly for equipment training or for free-fight boxing. They have the advantage of letting you move your fingers and allowing you to grip. In general, leather gloves are more durable and long-lasting compared to gloves made from synthetic leather. Boxing gloves for children and adults, from top brands such as Adidas, Green Hill, Hammer & Co. can be purchased in our professional boxing sports shop –training accessories such as supports, hand wraps and punching gloves or free-standing or hanging punch bags can also be found there.