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Sport-Thieme for 8 People Dugout

The robust substitutes’ bench

product details
Sport-Thieme for 8 People Dugout Glazing: polycarbonate, Bench

Heavy-duty aluminium ground frame

Separately interchangeable replacement parts

Bench made from wooden planks

Sport-Thieme for 8 People Dugout Glazing: polycarbonate, Seat
Sport-Thieme for 8 People Dugout Glazing: polycarbonate, Bench Glazing: polycarbonate, Bench
Sport-Thieme for 8 People Dugout Glazing: polycarbonate, Seat Glazing: polycarbonate, Seat
Version Price ( Each ) Delivery date Quantity ( Each )
Sport-Thieme for 8 People Dugout Glazing: polycarbonate, Bench, Glazing: polycarbonate, Bench Glazing: polycarbonate W0-621119204 * € 2604.20
Leaves warehouse on Thu. 07.04.
Sport-Thieme for 8 People Dugout Glazing: acrylic glass, Bench, Glazing: acrylic glass, Bench Glazing: acrylic glass W0-621119220 * € 3192.44
Leaves warehouse on Thu. 10.03.
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The Sport-Thieme dugout for 8 people is a robust substitutes’ bench and offers a place for coaches and substitute players.
  • Elegant arched shape – eye-catching for any sports ground
  • No rust, no broken glass – completely weatherproof and durable
  • Extremely stable thanks to multiple struts
  • With air inlets in the lower area
  • Resistant to all weather conditions
Exklusiv bei Sport-Thieme

Product description

Sport-Thieme dugout for 8 people – really stable and weatherproof
The Sport-Thieme dugout is a weatherproof substitutes’ bench and has space for up to 8 people. It is made from aluminium, is 100% UV-resistant and also easy to set up. You also have the choice between polycarbonate and acrylic glass backboards for this bench, as well as a bench made from wood or robust plastic seats.

Size and weight:
  • LxWxH: 4.35x1.20x2.06 m
  • Approx. 174 kg (polycarbonate - bench)
  • Approx. 183 kg (polycarbonate - 8 seats)
  • Approx. 226 kg (acrylic glass - bench)
  • Approx. 235 kg (acrylic glass - 8 seats)

  • Aluminium tubing
  • With cross bracing for reinforcement
  • With screens, approx. 20 cm high, one piece – can be used for advertising

Ground frame:
  • Aluminium
  • Increases the stability
  • With four fixing points welded onto the inside of the corners

Floor grating:
  • Wooden, untreated, non-varnished
  • With cut-outs in the corners for fixing the unit to the ground

Please note: we supply the floor grating without varnish/paint so you can paint it the colour of your choice.

  • Aluminium tubing
  • Double struts on the sides for increased stability
  • With polycarbonate plates, translucent, approx. 4 mm thick

Variations on the back:
With polycarbonate plate:
  • Translucent, approx. 4.5 mm thick
  • Two-part, an upper and lower plate
  • Integrated into the tubing

With acrylic glass plates:
  • Clear glass, transparent
  • Two-part with both upper and lower plates
  • Inserted into the tubing
  • Spectators can follow play while remaining seated, even if they are behind the dugout

Seat variations:
With sitting bench:
  • Wooden

With seats:
  • Made of plastic with back rest
  • Seat colour: red

Good to know: Speak to your sponsors as not only is it low-priced, it also offers a great deal of advertising space.
Wait to be subbed on in the dry – in the Sport-Thieme dugout for 8 people

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