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Stramatel® "452 GE 9000" Ice Hockey Scoreboard

Always kept up to date

product details
Stramatel® "452 GE 9000" Ice Hockey Scoreboard
Stramatel® "452 GE 9000" Ice Hockey Scoreboard
Stramatel® "452 GE 9000" Ice Hockey Scoreboard
Stramatel® "452 GE 9000" Ice Hockey Scoreboard
Stramatel® "452 GE 9000" Ice Hockey Scoreboard
Stramatel® "452 GE 9000" Ice Hockey Scoreboard
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AVAILABILITY: Leaves warehouse on Sun. 10.05.
The Stramatel "452 GE 9000" ice hockey scoreboard is a radio-controlled sports display board for indoor use. The scoreboard always keeps you up to date on the current score, game time, penalty time and much more.
  • For indoor use – electronics protected against the damp of ice rinks
  • Easy to read up to 60 m
  • Impact-resistant: for a high level of durability and stability
  • Quick and easy use
  • Radio-controlled
The Stramatel "452 GE 9000" ice hockey scoreboard: high-quality and robust
The "452 GE 9000" ice hockey scoreboard from Stramatel is particularly reliable and high quality. It is designed for indoor use and features electronics that are protected against the damp experienced in ice rinks and ice hockey stadiums. The front is made of very robust polycarbonate and provides a clear view of the score thanks to its anti-glare finish. The control panels are connected to the display remotely via radio control. The Stramatel "452 GE 9000" ice hockey scoreboard is supplied ready for use but will need to be installed by an electrician.

Display functions:
  • Score: 2x 2 digits, red (16 cm)
  • Game period: 1 digit, green (15 cm)
  • Stoppage indicator: 2x 1 green light
  • Playing time / break time: 4 digits, white (16 cm) + 2 flashing lights
  • Time outs: 2x 1 yellow light
  • Penalty timer: 4x 3 digits, yellow (15 cm)
Display for 2 penalty times per team
  • Penalty display: 12 red lights for 2-minute and 5-minute penalties and disciplinary penalties (10-minute)
  • Time: outside of game use

Product information:
  • WxHxD: 190x115x9 cm
  • 35 kg
  • Digit height: 16 cm
  • Visible from 60 m
  • Viewing angle: > 160 Grad
  • Display: SMD LEDs
  • Power supply: 230 V

  • 1 Stramatel scoreboard
  • 3 control panels
  • 3 transport cases for storing the control panels
  • 1 power cable
  • Cable + sockets for cable-operated version
  • Assembly and user instructions

Technical Details

Type of sport Ice hockey
Version Wall-mounted scoreboard
Area of use Indoor
Range of vision Up to 60 m
Power supply Mains operated
Control Wireless
Cable- or radio-controlled:
Radio-controlled scoreboards are easier to install and give the user greater freedom of movement. The new radio-controlled system from Stramatel works at a standardised and correct radio frequency to guarantee a high level of reliability and functionality. All models are available as cable-controlled versions. This option is recommended in some cases, particularly when the level of play is high. Regardless of transmission type, several scoreboards can work in one sports hall at the same time.

The scoreboards are quick and easy to install. Radio-controlled scoreboards only require a mains supply (230 V). Cable-controlled models require a mains supply and the installation of a control cable, which is included.

The illustrated scoreboard is supplied as a radio-controlled model. A cable-controlled model is available upon request.

Get your hands on the scoreboard for your ice hockey stadium and be amazed by the top level of quality – the Stramatel "452 GE 9000" ice hockey scoreboard.

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