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Stramatel Scoreboard

product details
Stramatel Scoreboard Radio-operated
Stramatel Scoreboard Radio-operated
Stramatel Scoreboard Radio-operated
Stramatel Scoreboard Radio-operated Radio-operated
Stramatel Scoreboard Radio-operated
Stramatel Scoreboard Radio-operated
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Stramatel Scoreboard Radio-operated Radio-operated W0-621317507 * € 5545.38
Leaves warehouse on Thu. 20.10.

  • With programmable team names
  • Display for individual player fouls
  • 14 programmable sports
  • Impact-resistant, anti-glare polycarbonate front
  • Available in 2 versions: cable- or radio-controlled
FIBA Partner

Product description

Stramatel “452 MB 7120” Scoreboard

The Stramatel multi-sport scoreboard with 17 numbers in basketball mode and programmable team names as well as 2 modules for displaying individual player fouls in basketball.

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 310x120x9 cm
  • Character height: 25 and 20 cm
  • Visible from 110 m
  • Radio-controlled, range approx. 40 m
  • Buzzer: 116 dBa in a radius of 1 m
  • Built-in clock
  • For indoor use
  • Weight: 65 kg

Can be set to 1 of 14 fully programmed sports using the control panel: badminton, basketball, boxing, ice hockey, indoor football / futsal, indoor handball, indoor hockey, in-line hockey, roller hockey, tennis, table tennis, floorball, volleyball as well as a free mode and timing/training mode.

  • Displays home and away scores
  • Displays game period, time-outs and who is serving
  • Displays penalty times (handball)
  • Game clock, counting up or down
  • Freely adjustable with 4-digit minute and second display
  • 24-hour clock, game clock can be switched to normal time in hours and minutes
  • Automatic and manual buzzer
  • Displays ball possession
  • Programmable team names, 2x 9 letters, 12 cm

In addition to the main display, there are two modules – one to the left and one to the right – that display individual player fouls for basketball. Each module features 12 rows each with 5 yellow lights and 1 red light.

Display functions:

Main display
  • Score: 2x 3 digits, red (25 cm)
  • Game period: 1 digit, green (20 cm)
  • Ball possession: 2 arrows, red
  • Team names: 20 alphanumerical characters, yellow (12 cm)
  • LED script: 1,000 characters
  • Playing time / break time: 4 digits, white (25 cm) + 2 flashing lights
  • Team foul / penalty timer: 2x 3 digits, yellow (20 cm)
  • Time-outs or penalty times: 2x 3 green lights
  • Time: outside of game use

Side displays
  • Individual player fouls: 5 yellow lights + 1 red light, per player (12)

More information:
  • Control panel and scoreboard linked via integrated radio control
  • 5-language user interface (German, English, French, Spanish or Dutch)
  • Built-in clock
  • Memory function
  • Reliable LED digital display
  • Illuminated characters with ‘double safety’ LED segments
  • Impact-resistant, anti-glare polycarbonate front DIN 18032-3
  • 3-year guarantee on parts and working time for the entire device
  • LED display, guaranteed for 10 years on all parts
  • Current: 230 V / 60 Hz

  • 1 scoreboard consisting of 3 modules
  • 2 control panels, 1 timer panel
  • 1 PC keyboard
  • 2 transport cases for storing the control panels
  • 1 power cable
  • Cable + sockets for cable-operated version
  • Assembly and user instructions

Take the chance to make competitions in your sports hall visible to all! The radio-controlled Stramatel “452 MB 7120” scoreboard is supplied ready for use and can be simply assembled by yourself or by a specialist.
Radio- or cable-controlled:
Radio-controlled scoreboards are easier to install and give the user greater freedom of movement. The new radio-controlled system from Stramatel works at a standardised and correct radio frequency to guarantee a high level of reliability and functionality. All models are available as cable-controlled. This option is recommended in some cases, particularly when the level of play is high. Regardless of transmission type, several scoreboards can work in one sports hall at the same time.

The scoreboards are quick and easy to install. Radio-controlled scoreboards only require a mains supply (230 V). Cable-controlled models require a mains supply and the installation of a control cable, which is included.

The Stramatel "Multisport" Android app – easy to use
Stramatel has developed an app for your scoreboard, giving you convenient access to the main functions of your radio- or cable-controlled scoreboard via your smartphone or tablet. You can also share all of your match stats on social media (Facebook, Twitter) during the game or after the final whistle. The control panel is user-friendly, intuitive and fun. Simply download the free "Stramatel Multisport" app from Google Play.

Technical Details

Type of sport
Basketball, Multiple sports
Impact-resistant, Wall-mounted scoreboard
Area of use
310x120x9 cm
65 kg
Number of digits
17 digits
Digit height
20 cm, 25 cm
Range of vision
Up to 120 m
Viewing angle
Power supply
Mains operated
Product rating
No product reviews available yet.