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Ballet mirror

Ballet mirror for fitness and dance

Order Ballet mirrors for any dance studios quickly and easily online from Sport-Thieme. Whether for a ballet school, a fitness studio or a classical ball room: We have break-resistant, lightweight mirrors for wall mounting, solid mirror walls on transport castors for easy storage and swivelling correction mirrors for individual exercise control.

Mirrors: feather light, foldable and on castors
A ballet mirror is an elementary part of any room where people dance. In classic ballet, modern dance and also gymnastics, it is extremely important to check on posture and movements in a mirror. It isn’t always possible to permanently mount a large mirror to a wall. This is where our foldable lightweight mirrors and mirror walls on castors are useful: in no time, these mirrors can transform a sports hall or any multi-function room into a proper dance studio.

Crystal clear, break-resistant ballet mirrors
You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs? Not with us! Safety is paramount with our ballet mirrors. The break-resistant observation mirror is fully glued and therefore accident-proof. The mirror wall is available with an optional protective foil to provide additional safety and our lightweight mirrors do not contain any glass. They are made from a high-quality polyester film that is tensioned over an aluminium frame. They offer the highest level of safety and a crystal clear mirror image. In our range, you will find everything that your dancing heart desires.