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Table Tennis Balls

Table tennis balls for beginners and advanced players

You can order table tennis balls for recreation, schools and clubs inexpensively and easily from the Sport-Thieme online shop. In our extensive range there are table tennis balls in different designs for beginners and advanced players – from competition-approved table tennis balls to larger, coloured balls for technique training.

Table tennis balls for beginners and advanced players
Table tennis balls are available in different sizes, colours and quality grades. Different variations are recommended depending on which league and usage you are buying the table tennis ball for. A classic table tennis ball has a diameter of 40 mm, is made of celluloid and is hollow inside. Balls in both matte white and frosted orange are approved for competitions. Formerly, table tennis balls were divided into three quality levels and classified with one to three stars. Three stars stands for the best quality. Today, balls are only distinguished as competition balls and training balls, which are more economical.

Table tennis balls for training
At Sport-Thieme you can order table tennis balls for training in a convenient ball bucket. Larger quantities are practical for training with children or for use in the ball machine. Colourful, slightly larger table tennis balls are recommended for beginners. These method balls have the advantage that beginners can see them better and estimate the spin better. Moreover, these table tennis balls fly more slowly due to the larger diameter.