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Sport-Thieme "CoreX4Kids Light" Football

The reduced-weight ball!

product details
Sport-Thieme "CoreX4Kids Light" Football Size 4
Size Price ( Each ) Delivery date Quantity ( Each )
Sport-Thieme "CoreX4Kids Light" Football Size 4 Size 4 W0-623073201 * € 20.97
Leaves warehouse on Thu. 27.01.
Size 5 W0-623073214 * € 20.97
Leaves warehouse on Wed. 16.02.
This product is also available in the following sets
from 10 Each - € 18.45

The Sport-Thieme "Kids Light" junior football is the weight-reduced junior football in 2 sizes.

Product description

Sport-Thieme "CoreX Kids" football: weight-adjusted
The "CoreX Kids" is a junior football with reduced weight in sizes 4 and 5. As different ball sizes are used for different age groups, 3 versions are available. For U9 and U11 junior teams, with children aged between 7 and 10 years old, balls weighing 290 grams are used. For U11 and U12 youth teams, 11- and 12-year-olds play with 350-gram footballs. The balls’ weight is reduced, however their size is the same as the standard balls used by women’s and men’s teams. Children therefore become accustomed to the official match size at an early stage. At the same time though, they are playing with footballs where the weight has been adjusted to suit their strength, allowing them to gradually improve their capabilities. For really young footballers, there is a size-4 lightweight football weighing just 290 g.

More information about the "CoreX Kids" lightweight football:
  • Material: synthetic leather

  • X-Light 4: 290 g, size 4
  • X-Light 5: 290 g, size 5
  • Light 5: 350 g, size 5

Size recommendations for junior match balls:
  • U12s: lightweight size-5 match balls; weight approx. 350 g
  • U9/U11 juniors: lightweight size-5 match balls; weight approx. 290 g
  • U7 juniors: lightweight size-4 match balls; weight approx. 290 g
The advantage of hybrid technology
The use of hybriod technology means the ball has a very robust and thick outer shell, perfect playing characteristics thanks to soft-touch technology and deeply set, protected seams. It is therefore significantly more durable and robust than conventional balls.

The ideal youth ball for training and matches – the Sport-Thieme "Kids Light" football!

Technical Details

3073201: Size 4
Ball type
Reduced-weight light balls, Training ball
64–66 cm
350 g
3073214: Size 5
Ball type
Reduced-weight light balls, Training ball
Under 13s
68–70 cm
350 g
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Sport-Thieme "CoreX4Kids Light" Football

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Guter Ball Leichter, stabiler Ball

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Bought on: 14 September 2021