Mikasa® "Permalast 1500" Basketball

For professional use

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Mikasa® "Permalast 1500" Basketball
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The Mikasa "Permalast 1500" basketball is the perfect basketball for men based on its size.

  • Very good grip
  • Very good rebound
The Mikasa "Permalast 1500" basketball: robust, good grip and good rebound
The Mikasa "Permalast 1500" basketball has a double laminated butyl rubber bladder, which means the ball loses less air pressure. The robust natural rubber skin on nylon carcass gives the ball especially good grip and very good rebound. Approval from the DBB means the basketball can be used in the German leagues.

Technical Details

Basketball type Training ball
Size 7
Weight 600 g
Circumference 75 cm
Outer material Nylon
Who for? Men
Intended use Indoor

The training ball for the national level - order your Mikasa "Permalast 1500" basketball today.

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