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Sport-Thieme "Club Safe" Crossbar Holder

For high jump and pole vault uprights

product details
Sport-Thieme "Club Safe" Crossbar Holder

Can be adjusted at 9 different levels

5-year guarantee
Two crossbar holders

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The Sport-Thieme crossbar holder has a special diversion bracket to reliably prevent the bar from falling on athletes and is suitable for stands with outer dimensions of up to 40x40 mm.
  • With diversion brackets and viewing window, DBGM approved
  • Height can easily be adjusted
  • With additional diversion brackets for falling crossbar
  • Can be adjusted at 9 different levels
  • 45x45 mm inside
5 Jahre Garantie Exklusiv bei Sport-Thieme

Product description

Sport-Thieme crossbar holder: for effective high jump and pole vault training
The Sport-Thieme crossbar holder is made of steel and is ideal for use in high jump and pole vault training. Thanks to the diversion bracket, the holder is especially successful with beginners. The bracket prevents the crossbar from falling onto the landing area and protects athletes from being hit by the bar. It also helps to protect the crossbars themselves, making them last longer. The holder has 9 different crossbar supports, allowing athletes to train at different levels without having to reposition the holder. The height of the crossbar holder can be easily adjusted using the knob, allowing the training level to be adapted to suit the athlete. The bar can then be positioned on the holder at different heights separated by 5-cm increments. The viewing window makes it easy for trainers to keep an eye on the current jump height at all times.

Product information:
  • Material: steel
  • Internal dimensions: 45x45 mm
  • Support platforms (LxWxH):75x40x3 mm
  • Weight per holder: 2.25 kg
  • Colour: silver
  • Adjustable to 9 different heights
  • Supplied as a pair

Product rating 4

Sport-Thieme "Club Safe" Crossbar Holder

3.83 of 5 Stars: Good

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Keine Der Lattenhalter ist ok. Leider fehlte bei der Lieferung eine Feststellschraube, die erst 14 Tage nach der ersten Lieferung ankam. Schlechte Kontrolle !

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Bought on: 3 October 2019


Urteil zurzeit nicht möglich noch nicht im Trainingsbetrieb eingesetzt. Voraussichtlich erst zur Sportabzeichensaison ab 12.05.17

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Bought on: 12 March 2017


sehr gut

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Bought on: 1 June 2016



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Bought on: 7 April 2019