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Nordic Sport "Viking" Competition Javelin

product details
Nordic Sport "Viking" Competition Javelin 800 g
Weight Price ( Each ) Delivery date Quantity ( Each )
Nordic Sport "Viking" Competition Javelin 400g 400g W0-622590745 * € 142.82
Leaves warehouse on Wed. 14.04.
Nordic Sport "Viking" Competition Javelin 500 g 500 g W0-622590732 * € 147.02
Leaves warehouse on Wed. 14.04.
Nordic Sport "Viking" Competition Javelin 600 g 600 g W0-622590729 * € 151.22
Leaves warehouse on Wed. 14.04.
Nordic Sport "Viking" Competition Javelin 700 g 700 g W0-622590716 * € 168.03
Leaves warehouse on Wed. 14.04.
Nordic Sport "Viking" Competition Javelin 800 g 800 g W0-622590703 * € 176.43
Leaves warehouse on Wed. 14.04.

The Nordic "Viking Flex" competition javelin is a competition-standard training javelin that is also suitable for beginners.
  • Perfect for training and competitions
  • Complies with DLV and IAAF regulations
  • IAAF approved
World Athletics

Product description

The Nordic "Viking Flex" competition javelin: for beginners and for use in training
The Nordic "Viking Flex" competition javelin is suitable for training in preparation for competitions as well as for training with beginners. It is made of steel and has a comparatively flexible shaft, as illustrated by its two-digit flex number. The advantage? This javelin is more forgiving of errors than other Nordic competition javelins. The steel tip of the Nordic "Viking Flex" competition javelin has not been balanced for specific wind conditions.

Product information:
  • Javelin: steel
  • Tip: steel

Available versions:
  • 400 g: 190.5-191.5 cm, 406-415 g, shaft ø 22.7 mm, Flex 11.9
  • 500 g: 200.5-201.5 cm, 506-515 g, shaft ø 23.7 mm, Flex 11.6
  • 600 g: 220.5-221.5 cm, 606-615 g, shaft ø 24.7 mm, Flex 11.1
  • 700 g: 230.5-231.5 cm, 706-715 g, shaft ø 27.7 mm, Flex 10.7
  • 800 g: 260.5-261.6 cm, 806-815 g, shaft ø 29.7 mm, Flex 10.4

The 2018 model (blue javelin with yellow grip) will be available soon. Its only difference is the choice of colour.
During the transitional period both colour variants will be supplied.
Flex – the new classification for Nordic javelins
Since 2012 Nordic Sport has classified its competition javelins with a flex number instead of a throwing distance. This figure provides information about the rigidity of the javelin. An additional overview of possible throwing distances indicates a range of common throwing distances achieved with each javelin. The smaller the flex number, the more rigid the javelin is.

Whether it's for training with beginners or for use in preparation for competitions, this javelin is a real all-rounder. Order the Nordic "Viking Flex" competition javelin today.

Product rating 4

Nordic Sport "Viking" Competition Javelin

4.59 of 5 Stars: Very good

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