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Aqua Dumbbells

Aqua dumbbells for all types of aqua sport

You’ll find aqua dumbbells for aqua fitness, aqua jogging, aqua Nordic walking, water exercise, rehabilitation sport and sport for older people at Sport-Thieme. Have a look at our wide range of water dumbbells for men and women – fitness dumbbells with fixed weights, but also individually fillable dumbbells.

Sport-Thieme "Sportime" Aqua Jogging Dumbbells »

Dumbbells for aqua fitness
  • Versatile dumbbells for aqua fitness and water jogging
  • Increase water resistance – ideal for stamina training in the water
  • Aqua fitness using aqua dumbbells trains the whole body
  • Water buoyancy allows for training that is easy on the joints
  • Available in two sizes with different levels of buoyancy
Pair from € 27.25

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Exercise for all - Train in a particularly health-conscious way with aqua dumbbells.
Young and old – aqua fitness is suitable for people of all ages. When you train in the water, you feel lighter due to buoyancy. In addition, the water’s buoyancy relieves the joints and ligaments. As a result, overweight people and older people can exercise effectively in the water using dumbbells. Water has a higher density than air and movements in the water produce gentle resistance – ideal resistance training. Training in the water strengthens your heart and circulation and burns significantly more calories.

Aqua dumbbells support your fitness
Train strength, flexibility and stamina with aqua dumbbells. Our range includes the best fitness equipment. Whether used for gently jogging in the water or as a part of aqua aerobics to fast pop songs – you’re guaranteed to find the right dumbbell and the matching weight here for your training. Our range also includes other pieces of equipment for sport in the water such as aqua paddles, aqua sticks and barbells. Exercise with aqua dumbbells for a workout that is gentle on joints and ligaments. Support your swimming training with dumbbell strength training in the water. Buy aqua dumbbells simply and easily from Sport-Thieme.

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